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Our mission is to get more listings for real estate agents.

Addressable makes it easy to automate lead generation with a personal touch.

About us

We’re here to make you stand out in a competitive market. A thoughtful, handwritten card to homeowners in your target neighborhood will be the start of your next listing. And the next one. And the one after that. With Addressable’s proprietary technology, an actual ballpoint pen is pressed to paper. Your cards will be written by robots, not printed, and homeowners will believe you took the time to personally write to them. Beyond our cool writing tech, our end-to-end process is designed to drive calls for listings appointments. Our marketing campaigns are personalized, targeted, automated—and deliver measurable results. We solely target homeowners that meet your criteria, and your mailing list is reserved for your exclusive use. As long as you’re actively mailing in an area, no other agent can mail to the same homeowners. Built by a management team from Facebook, Snowflake, and UJet, we apply the strategy, automation, and trackability of digital advertising to our handwritten card campaigns. You’ll know which leads came from Addressable, so you have full visibility into how we help you achieve your business goals. We also provide the message to write inside your card. You’ll know just what to say and which message performs best. Because we test them. Our clients include top producers who rely on a personal touch to differentiate themselves. We serve agents throughout the U.S., and the results are consistent in both urban and rural markets. Most of our clients achieve between 3-6 X their return on investment. With Addressable as your partner, you can focus on your active transactions while we work on lining up your next deals. Schedule a complimentary consultation today, and we’ll tailor a program that aligns with your business goals. We look forward to your success.


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Do people really think these are real?

Yes! In a 3rd party blind study, participants were presented several cards. Some messages were written by our robots, some by humans. Participants were unable to identify which handwriting was done by a robot.

How does Addressable work?

With our proprietary technology, an actual ballpoint pen is pressed to heavy card stock using a realistic human font. Our end-to-end process is carefully designed so that there are no marketing “tells or tip-offs.” Each homeowner who receives a card will believe you took the time to write it.

Can I test a small number?

We’ve learned through testing that the minimum sweet spot for generating listing leads is 1,000 cards. Less than that won’t deliver the results you want . Our goal is to set you up for success and demonstrate clear value with every dollar you spend on handwritten cards.

Why are handwritten cards better than post cards?

Most of our agents have the option to use brokerage postcards for free or low cost. Agents choose to use handwritten cards because we get them listing leads. Brokers want their logo going out—it’s a branding play. In reality, they don’t really help your business. Postcards focus on the brokerage. Handwritten cards focus on building rapport with the homeowner and how you can be of service. Postcards often don’t make it in the door. They typically go directly into the homeowner’s recycle bin. Postcards are mailed in bulk. The USPS discards undeliverable postcards. They kind of go into the void. And you don’t get confirmation when they actually drop in the mail. Postcards are visually overwhelming. There’s no clear message why someone should pick up the phone and call you.

How do you differentiate from other handwriting companies?

Addressable provides an end-to-end solution. When we produce a handwritten mail campaign for you, our goal is to generate listing leads for you. We help you stand out—and differentiate yourself—in a competitive market. Our experts craft the message, target the right homeowners, and track your results.

Can you tell me all the agents you work with?

Nearly every individual agent or team we work with does has $20+ million in production, and they're very private about their marketing programs. They consider Addressable part of their secret sauce. Check out our top clients that have found success with us.

Can other agents mail to my area?

Nope! As long as you are actively mailing to an area, no other agent may mail to the same addresses.

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