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The Power of Handwritten Cards over Generic Farming Real Estate Flyers

August 18, 2023

The real estate industry is a competitive field. After all, there are only so many properties for sale at any given time. 

There are currently 106,548 real estate firms in operation in the United States. These firms house teams of realtors and other real estate professionals that often compete in similar areas. For this reason, real estate professionals need a comprehensive marketing strategy to help in their farming operations and gain new leads. 

Digital marketing channels have become increasingly popular recently, but physical marketing still works well for real estate.

Many realtors prefer flyers, as they can be effective and are relatively easy to produce. However, handwritten cards are also an option and might be more effective.

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Handwritten Cards vs. Real Estate Farming Flyers

Handwritten cards and real estate flyers are common physical marketing materials real estate agents use when farming for new leads. Both have strengths and weaknesses, but they are valuable additions to any farming effort.

Handwritten real estate cards

As the name suggests, handwritten real estate cards are short notes or letters on paper or cardstock that you send to potential clients. 

These marketing materials can be more labor-intensive and time-consuming than printing out generic brochures or flyers. However, they offer better personalization and can help improve your relationships with existing or new clients.

Real estate flyers

Real estate flyers are printed promotional materials you can use for promotion. They can be flexible. You can use them for open houses, new listings, or advertising your services.

These promotional materials can be easy and inexpensive to produce. You only need to design your real estate flyer template with all the necessary information and print as many copies as you want. 

However, due to the ubiquity of marketing flyers, creating and distributing ones that stand out can take time and effort. They can also be quite generic and lack personalization.

Benefits of Handwritten Cards for Farming Real Estate Agents

Real estate farming involves working closely within a specific neighborhood or community. These areas often have a relatively close-knit community of homeowners interested in the goings-on in their area.

Handwritten cards are an effective way to reach these individuals and connect with them better.

Here are some of their main advantages as a marketing tool.

Develops stronger relationships

Handwritten cards are an excellent way to make a good first impression on potential leads. The effort necessary to produce a handwritten card adds sincerity to your communication and helps you stand out from other realtors.

Homeowners who receive handwritten cards might become more open to communicating with you and establishing a business relationship. Handwritten cards open up positive communication between you and your prospective clients.

Many real estate marketers and other industries rely heavily on digital communication, like email marketing and social media. While these avenues are still effective, they do not carry the same impact as a handcrafted card.

Generates quality real estate leads

A handwritten card opens up the line of communication and makes your prospects more receptive to your services. You can then use this opening to nurture these relationships, which can result in quality lead generation.

While repeat purchases rarely occur in real estate, the relationships you build through handwritten cards can result in referrals and other leads. Real estate farming works with communities. If you make a good impression on one person, there's a good chance they will spread the word.

Personalizes marketing efforts

If you use handwritten cards when farming or as part of your marketing campaigns, you become an immediate standout. 

People are used to generic flyers and impersonal marketing materials. Receiving a handwritten card or note in the mail will catch people's attention, especially if you address them by name. 

These positive experiences extend beyond an immediate sale you wish to close. It will reflect on your company values and brand identity, making you a recognizable entity in your chosen area. Over time, you can build a positive reputation within and beyond the communities you reach.

How To Create Handwritten Cards for Farming Real Estate

When making handwritten cards, you can be as creative as you want. There are no strict rules on what you can and cannot do as a real estate business. 

However, there are some standards that one should follow to maximize their effectiveness and maintain professionalism. Follow the steps below to create real handwritten cards for real estate farming.

1. Introduce yourself

If you're new to the area you plan to farm, it's highly likely that the people you plan to reach don't know you. 

For this reason, your card should include a short introduction. Write down your name, what you do, and the name of your real estate firm. This step helps avoid confusion and allows the recipient to set expectations.

2. Include a brief overview of the market

Next, discuss why you are writing to the recipient. Explain that you are working as a real estate agent in their area and why it might be a good idea for them to do business with you.

Talk about the real estate market updates in their community. You may mention recent sales or property developments. Explain how they could benefit from buying or selling property in the area during this period.

This step helps reassure the reader that you know enough about the real estate market in the community to build trust. 

3. Encourage them to contact you

To end your note, thank the recipient for their time and encourage them to contact you.  

Tell them you are available anytime to discuss their questions. Be sure to provide your phone number and other contact information. You can also include your business card in the mail.

4. Send the cards via mail

After writing the notes for your cards, seal them up in envelopes and mail them from the post office. 

Make sure you write down the correct names and addresses for each one. Using the wrong name or address could negatively impact your farming and marketing efforts.

Tips for Crafting Handwritten Cards for Farming Real Estate

Now that you have an initial idea of what to include in your handwritten cards, you can also make adjustments to increase their impact and appeal.

You can develop a style and strategy that works with your target audience as you keep using handwritten cards. You can also use the tips below as a starting point.

Mention your expertise

One way to increase trust with your recipients is to mention your expertise and experience as a real estate agent.

Mention how long you have worked in real estate and some notable achievements or certifications. This information helps reassure the recipient that you know what you are doing and are someone that could help them.

Create a template

Even if you choose a relatively small farming area, you may still need to create dozens of handwritten cards, which can take time and effort.

Creating a customizable template can help you minimize the time you need to conceptualize each card. It can also make your cards more consistent with your real estate branding.

You can also make graphic design templates for your cards. Tools like Photoshop or Canva allow you to create high-quality and appealing visuals to accompany your handwritten notes.

Avoid being too pushy

While handwritten notes are primarily a farming and marketing tactic, it's best to avoid using overly sales-motivated language. Avoid mentioning sale prices or discounts, as they might offend some people.

Being too forward with buying or selling can push off potential clients. Handwritten cards won't result in overnight sales. Instead, they help break the ice and initiate friendly relationships with potential buyers or sellers.

Pro Tip: Ensure your handwritten real estate card campaign coincides with your overall marketing plan to achieve the best results.

Improve Your Real Estate Farming Practices With Handwritten Cards

Real estate companies and agents can benefit greatly from handwritten cards over generic flyers. Handwritten cards and notes offer a sense of personalization and sincerity that connects better with potential clients.

Addressable can help you manage and execute real estate farming and marketing efforts, including sending handwritten cards. Our tool can also aid in following up with target clients and tracking your campaign's performance.

Create and execute a comprehensive digital and physical marketing campaign for your real estate farming efforts. Contact Addressable today.

FAQs on Using Handwritten Cards vs. Generic Farming Real Estate Flyers

What is real estate farming?

Real estate farming is where agents or brokers focus on marketing in specific areas or neighborhoods. The aim is to establish oneself as a local real estate expert and gain residents' trust.

Are handwritten cards better than email marketing in real estate?

Handwritten cards and email marketing have strengths unique to each format. Email marketing can be more efficient, especially for tech-savvy homeowners. However, handwritten cards are more personal and can help real estate agents and firms stand out from their competitors.

How do I find addresses for my handwritten cards?

Many companies offer mailing lists in specific areas for a fee. Addressable's services include targeting homeowners within specific communities along with the overall marketing experience.

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Can I test a small number?
We’ve learned through testing that the minimum sweet spot for generating listing leads is 1,000 cards. Less than that won’t deliver the results you want . Our goal is to set you up for success and demonstrate clear value with every dollar you spend on handwritten cards.
Why are handwritten cards better than post cards?
Most of our agents have the option to use brokerage postcards for free or low cost. Agents choose to use handwritten cards because we get them listing leads. Brokers want their logo going out—it’s a branding play. In reality, they don’t really help your business. Postcards focus on the brokerage. Handwritten cards focus on building rapport with the homeowner and how you can be of service. Postcards often don’t make it in the door. They typically go directly into the homeowner’s recycle bin. Postcards are mailed in bulk. The USPS discards undeliverable postcards. They kind of go into the void. And you don’t get confirmation when they actually drop in the mail. Postcards are visually overwhelming. There’s no clear message why someone should pick up the phone and call you.
Can other agents mail to my area?
Nope! No other agent can market in your tiles.
Do people really think these are real?
Yes! In a 3rd party blind study, participants were presented several cards. Some messages were written by our robots, some by humans. Participants were unable to identify which handwriting was done by a robot.
How do you differentiate from other handwriting companies?
Addressable provides an end-to-end solution. When we produce a handwritten mail campaign for you, our goal is to generate listing leads for you. We help you stand out—and differentiate yourself—in a competitive market. Our experts craft the message, target the right homeowners, and track your results.
Can you tell me all the agents you work with?
Nearly every individual agent or team we work with does $20+ million in production, and they're very private about their marketing programs. They consider Addressable part of their secret sauce. Check out our top clients that have found success with us.
How does Addressable work?
With our proprietary technology, an actual ballpoint pen is pressed to heavy card stock using a realistic human font. Our end-to-end process is carefully designed so that there are no marketing “tells or tip-offs.” Each homeowner who receives a card will believe you took the time to write it.