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May 18, 2023

How The Haugen Group Increased Listings Using Addressable

Last year, we were second in listings out of over 200 agents on the coast... Without Addressable, we wouldn't be in the top 20." — Mathew Haugen, co-founder of The Haugen Group

About The Haugen Group

After building an advertising tech startup in Silicon Valley, Mathew Haugen pivoted to pursue a lifelong passion for real estate. A few years into his transition, he then started his own brokerage, The Haugen Group at Element Real Estate, which serves markets around Half Moon Bay, California.

Initially, Haugen experienced a strong start in real estate. Deals were lining up. Over time, though, he realized he was lacking consistency in his deal flow.

The Challenge

Haugen needed a way to reliably line up his next deal, and the one after that. “There was a cycle that I went through where I would get a couple of deals, and then have a little bit of a lull,” said Haugen.

Because of his background in digital advertising, Haugen was skeptical of direct mail campaigns for lead generation. Then, one of his clients received a handwritten note in the mail from a competitor, and it made a positive impression on the homeowner.

Haugen was intrigued.

The Solution

Haugen began due diligence on handwriting companies, and Addressable stood out. Beyond the handwriting tech, their end-to-end automated solution is designed to help agents get more listing appointments.

“We decided to test a consistent cadence [of Addressable mail] in order to generate results over time. Lo and behold, we started talking to sellers and generating conversations,” said Haugen.

The Haugen Group targeted area homeowners to highlight their recent sales.

Addressable helped The Haugen Group:

  • Target the right audience. The mailing list was tailored to their specifications.
  • Make an immediate impression. The hand-addressed envelope is written, not printed, and mailed locally using First Class postage.
  • Deliver a branded card. The Haugen Group’s logo and headshots were included.
  • Measure their success. Agents know which calls come from Addressable mailings.

The Results

In 2021, The Haugen Group sold over $58M. Out of 41 transactions, 8 listings were attributed to Addressable, generating a total of $13 million in sales revenue.

The partnership with Addressable has delivered two key benefits to The Haugen Group:

  1. Consistent lead generation. The team is getting their foot in the door with each campaign and lining up their next deals.
  2. Increase in listings. Originally a buyer-based brokerage, they’ve expanded the listing side of their business significantly, making their business far more sustainable.


Haugen says that Addressable has been a great way to build their brand. His team is getting in front of community homeowners in a thoughtful, helpful way. The Haugen Group is making valuable connections and leaving a lasting good impression.

What’s next? The Haugen Group intends to expand its campaigns with Addressable. Now that lead generation is humming, they’re implementing nurture campaigns to stay in touch, and top of mind, with previous clients.

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