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How to Know When a Homeowner is Ready to Sell
Spoiler Alert: They Call You
By Addressable
Published November 3, 2022
Last Updated December 5, 2022

There’s no magic way to know when someone’s life is changing—unless they tell you. It’s all about being the first agent a homeowner thinks of when they have a home-selling life event.

You might think it’s a lucky break to get tapped into the conversation early. Lucky breaks do happen, but you can’t count on them to hit your business goals. That’s why top producers don’t rely on chance.

Top Ten Reasons a Homeowner Sells

The reasons why someone sells aren’t really surprising. The key is knowing when their circumstances have changed.

  1. Marriage
  2. Divorce
  3. New job or (or better career opportunities)
  4. Starting a family
  5. Getting a dog (yard!)
  6. Becoming an empty nester
  7. Desire to be near aging parents
  8. Retirement downsizing
  9. Death of a partner
  10. Lifestyle change (ready for city/rural living)

Get Tapped in Early

If you want to be the agent who gets the call when a homeowner experiences a home-selling life event, it’s essential to remain top-of-mind. Top producers uplevel their marketing results with a new twist on an old approach.

They send handwritten cards.

Send Handwritten Cards at Scale

Addressable makes it possible for you to send hand-addressed, handwritten cards at scale. Most of our clients were already regularly writing cards on their own because they anecdotally knew this level of attention was high-impact.

With Addressable, you’ll be able to precisely track your results. You’ll know which calls come from your Addressable mailings, and our Smart QR codes are personalized to each address. (It’s helpful to imagine the analytics you have for email campaigns applied to physical mail).

Using our proprietary tech, our cards are handwritten by robots on your behalf—they hold and press a ballpoint pen to paper the same way you do. The result is indiscernible from human writing. Request a free card sample and check it out!

Why Top Agents Choose Addressable

Everything we do is designed to fuel your business growth. We’re a data-driven real estate marketing company, not a print shop, and we take a partnership approach. (We work as hard as you do for your clients).

Beyond our cool tech, there’s a team of real estate marketing experts who share best practices. We’ll work with you to develop a winning strategy and consistent approach—each campaign will reinforce your brand and the value you bring to the table.

Our cards drive engagement and leave a lasting impression. They get opened, read, and people hold onto them because they’re compelling.

And, when they’re ready to sell, they’ll call you.

Tap us in!

No matter what’s going up or down in the housing market, there will always be people who need to move. We want you to be the agent who gets those listings.

Let’s talk about your business goals and explore how we can contribute towards your success. Schedule a complimentary 20-min consultation.

Ready to get started?

Get early access to the Addressable platform.


Do people really think these are real?

Yes! In a 3rd party blind study, participants were presented several cards. Some messages were written by our robots, some by humans. Participants were unable to identify which handwriting was done by a robot.

How does Addressable work?

With our proprietary technology, an actual ballpoint pen is pressed to heavy card stock using a realistic human font. Our end-to-end process is carefully designed so that there are no marketing “tells or tip-offs.” Each homeowner who receives a card will believe you took the time to write it.

Can I test a small number?

We’ve learned through testing that the minimum sweet spot for generating listing leads is 1,000 cards. Less than that won’t deliver the results you want . Our goal is to set you up for success and demonstrate clear value with every dollar you spend on handwritten cards.

Why are handwritten cards better than post cards?

Most of our agents have the option to use brokerage postcards for free or low cost. Agents choose to use handwritten cards because we get them listing leads. Brokers want their logo going out—it’s a branding play. In reality, they don’t really help your business. Postcards focus on the brokerage. Handwritten cards focus on building rapport with the homeowner and how you can be of service. Postcards often don’t make it in the door. They typically go directly into the homeowner’s recycle bin. Postcards are mailed in bulk. The USPS discards undeliverable postcards. They kind of go into the void. And you don’t get confirmation when they actually drop in the mail. Postcards are visually overwhelming. There’s no clear message why someone should pick up the phone and call you.

How do you differentiate from other handwriting companies?

Addressable provides an end-to-end solution. When we produce a handwritten mail campaign for you, our goal is to generate listing leads for you. We help you stand out—and differentiate yourself—in a competitive market. Our experts craft the message, target the right homeowners, and track your results.

Can you tell me all the agents you work with?

Nearly every individual agent or team we work with does has $20+ million in production, and they're very private about their marketing programs. They consider Addressable part of their secret sauce. Check out our top clients that have found success with us.

Can other agents mail to my area?

Nope! No other agent can market in your territory.

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