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The Ultimate Real Estate Call to Action Guide: Drive More Sales Today!

August 18, 2023

In the highly competitive world of real estate, every lead counts. You can't afford to lose a customer to your competitors. Your ability to convert potential buyers into paying customers and loyal clients is crucial for success. This fact is precisely why you must invest in a good marketing campaign to gather as many prospects as possible. 

However, your marketing effort shouldn't stop there. After piquing your leads' attention, you must keep them interested before persuading them to take favorable action. How do you do this? Apart from using real estate greeting cards, you must craft a powerful marketing message that ends with an equally enticing call to action (CTA).

A well-crafted CTA can significantly boost your chances of converting leads into sales. Get to know your potential clients and target audience, customize your CTAs to specific buyer personas, and use persuasive design elements and language that inspire action. These steps are essential for creating a CTA that truly sells.

Key Takeaways

  • You can use the usual CTAs like "click here" or "buy now" in your marketing campaigns. However, it’s best to choose creative CTAs unique to your market. 
  • Positive phrasing combined with powerful words can add credibility and persuasiveness to your message. An effective call to action is a combination of these factors. 
  • Real estate professionals deal with high-value sales. Since their clients often spend considerable money to buy a property, they usually take their time exploring their options. Use this to your advantage by crafting CTAs that convey real and factual benefits.
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What are real estate CTAs?

In real estate marketing, CTAs are essential in encouraging and prompting high-quality leads to take specific action. These CTAs decide whether your client stops at reading your flyers, proceeds to see the property, or moves on to the following stages of the sales process. 

CTAs are usually short, direct, attention-grabbing, and strategically placed within marketing materials. Their primary purpose is to capture the client's attention and elicit an immediate answer. Your CTA should resonate with your target market and align with your marketing strategy. 

If you understand your client's needs, motivations, and preferences, you can easily create a bespoke ending message that provides compelling solutions and address their pain points. These CTAs could also lead them to a landing page like your real estate website, social media pages, or listings. 

What are the characteristics of an excellent real estate call to action?

Consider these proven and tested tips if you need help crafting effective CTAs. These guidelines apply whether you're writing an ad for traditional marketing materials or curating a message via real estate greeting cards

The following tips for writing a CTA can help improve your conversion rate and real estate sales:

Clear and concise

Write your CTAs like how you would write any typical message. It should be clear enough to be easily understood and concise enough to hold the reader’s attention. This way, you can deliver a compelling message that can help you sell a property effectively. 

Compelling language

A message is considered compelling if it spurs the reader to take favorable action. In real estate marketing, this means using powerful and convincing language that helps close real estate deals. Positive phrasing and powerful words can add strength and color to your message. 

Sense of Urgency

A clear and convincing CTA creates a sense of urgency in the reader. Whether you’re generating leads or advertising property listings, a CTA that communicates a sense of urgency builds excitement in your audience. It makes them think that if they don’t act now, they’ll miss a great opportunity. 


Aside from crafting a clear and concise CTA with explicit language, you must also ensure your message is relevant. This means the CTA should lead your customer to other content related to the property you're selling. Being relevant is like building continuity. It's one of the best ways to upsell. 

Strategic placement

It would help to maximize your CTA placement to make them effective and visible. Here are different CTA positionings you can explore: 

  • Bottom of the post: Also known as "smart CTAs," these are strong call-to-actions placed at the end of your marketing message. They often lead to an offer like a "no obligation, free property valuation" or "free real estate expert consultation." 
  • Connect to your social media account CTA: As their name suggests, these CTAs invite your customers to visit and check out your social media pages for more information about the properties you're selling. 
  • In-line CTA: These are CTAs you find in the middle of the message, enticing readers to visit another website. An example of this is a hyperlinked message asking your client to visit your website for more exciting properties to explore. 

Clarity of action

Clearly communicate what you want your clients to do after reading your message. A well-crafted CTA must be clear and straightforward, leaving no ambiguity about the desired action readers should take. In real estate marketing, it could be asking them to call you for a free property valuation or advice. It could also be visiting your website to look at other properties that might interest them. 

The most important thing is that they'll act according to your intention. 

Eye-catching design

The way marketing material looks makes a lot of difference. It could make or break your sales. People are visual creatures. You can play with design and color elements to create a CTA that's convincing and aesthetically pleasing. Ensure the design and color palettes you choose are aligned with your brand. This way, you can improve your clientele's brand awareness. 


The number of mobile phone users grew to 6.8 billion this year, and experts project it to reach 7.7 billion in 2027. It would help if you considered optimizing your CTAs to look their best, even on mobile devices. This step can help you widen your reach and connect with a larger customer base. 

Examples of Well-Written and Enticing CTAs

Writing a well-crafted CTA takes time, patience, and practice. You may not perfect the craft overnight, but you can get used to the process with repetition. Soon, it'll be easy for you to draft your own captivating client messages. 

For now, you can take a look at these samples. Draw inspiration from them and incorporate them into your real estate marketing materials

"Book a Tour of Your Dream House Now!"

This CTA conveys a sense of excitement and aspiration. It's as if you're telling your client that they, too, can buy their dream home, and you can help them with the process. Even more exciting is the possibility of seeing that dream house now. It appeals to potential homebuyers because you emphasize the opportunity to experience their dream home firsthand. 

"Unlock Exclusive Property Listings Now!"

This particular CTA creates a sense of exclusivity, inviting non-members to subscribe to the service immediately. It entices potential buyers by offering access to exclusive property listings unavailable to the general public, motivating them to click and explore further.

"Don't Miss Out on Your Perfect Home – Inquire Now!"

This message instills a sense of urgency, encouraging your reader to contact you immediately. Since purchasing a property requires careful consideration, it's common for people to sit it out until something spurs them to act. This message is what they need—enough motivation to move in the right direction.                                                                                                                                

"Get a Free Home Valuation—Know Your Property's Worth!"

This CTA targets people looking to sell their real estate properties. It's a relief for property sellers to find credible real estate agencies eager to help them with property valuation. An expert who can help peg a reasonable price for the property is always welcome. 

The CTA offers a valuable service, a free home valuation, which piques readers’ interest and prompts them to discover the worth of their property, an essential step in the selling process.

"Join Our VIP Buyer's Club – Get Exclusive Market Insights!"

Like the CTA about exclusive property listings, this CTA targets potential homebuyers by offering a VIP buyer's club membership. Take advantage of people’s desire for exclusivity by crafting CTAs that make them feel special and set apart from others. 

"Start Investing in Real Estate – Begin Your Wealth Journey Today!"

This CTA is appealing because it presents the prospective purchase as an investment opportunity that can lead to wealth accumulation. Take a look at the interplay of power words like "begin your wealth journey," "today," and "start investing." They convey a powerful message, encouraging readers to make a purchase now.  

"Subscribe to Our Newsletter To Get Updates on Real Estate Trends!"

This CTA invites new and existing clients to subscribe to a newsletter that offers valuable information on real estate trends. The benefit of staying informed positions the newsletter as a valuable resource, motivating readers to subscribe.

"Secure Your Spot at Our Exclusive Open House Event!"

This specific CTA generates excitement by promoting an exclusive open house event. Aside from the event, you're also selling "exclusivity,” something most people desire. By creating a sense of urgency and indicating a limited availability of spots, they'll grab the offer and fight for a spot.  

"Make Your Dream Home a Reality – Contact Us Today!"

Your real estate buyers will find this CTA appealing for its clarity and straightforwardness. It will position you as someone who can help them find their dream home. It’s also asking them to contact you to start their home-buying journey. 

Did you know? In real estate marketing, a CTA guides customers to take the next step. It serves as a prompt for real estate agents or brokers to generate leads and sales. 

Add Compelling CTAs to Your Real Estate Greeting Cards

Sending real estate greeting cards is an effective way to entice customers to check your listings, subscribe to your services, and buy the properties you have for sale. Unlike traditional postcards, these real estate greeting cards are more personalized and unique. You may be farming leads, but the bespoke content on handwritten greeting cards makes your client believe you devoted much time and effort to remembering them. 

To maximize the impact of your real estate greeting cards, include an equally compelling call to action that resonates and sells. Know your target market, understand their pain points, and capitalize on this knowledge when crafting your CTA. When you answer your client's needs, they'll return the favor with continued patronage. 

Check out Addressable for real estate cards you can customize with powerful marketing messages and highly effective CTAs. You can also explore their blogs for more real estate marketing tips and best practices. 

Elevate your real estate marketing efforts by incorporating impactful and persuasive CTAs. Check out Addressable for well-designed, bespoke real estate cards where you can add engaging CTAs. 

FAQs on Real Estate Call to Action

How can you measure the effectiveness of your real estate CTA?

The best way to measure the efficacy of your chosen real estate CTA is by setting up a tracking mechanism. Use analytics software that can count the number of clicks made on your CTA. 

Suppose you're using email to send your marketing materials. You can use software that tracks the number of times a message is opened and clicked on. It will also check the conversion rates. 

How long should a compelling real estate CTA be? 

It should take at least six seconds for your client to finish reading your CTA. If it goes beyond that, then it's too long. 

How does the CTA text placement attract attention?

Your call to action must be written in a high-contrast color to attract attention. It should stand out and serve as a visual cue to answer your reader's question about where to click.

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