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Innovative Approaches to Real Estate Marketing Services: Stay Ahead of the Game

August 18, 2023

Real estate demand continues to grow, especially in this post-pandemic global economy. It is a crucial segment of the economy because it provides housing while offering income opportunities for families and individuals.

The real estate market revenue is expected to reach $613.60 trillion in 2023. By 2028, its market volume could reach $729.40 trillion. With this forecast, real estate businesses must level up their marketing game. One way to do this is by leveraging real estate marketing services.

Real estate marketing services can help grow your real estate business. They can craft marketing strategies that boost your online presence among potential clients. These marketing tactics allow your company's real estate agents to sell properties effectively and successfully.

This article explains real estate marketing services and their role in the real estate industry. Innovative approaches offered by these agencies will be explained. Additionally, tips on hiring the best marketing agency will be discussed to enable a smooth, credible, and successful partnership for your marketing needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Real estate marketing services provide digital marketing services to real estate professionals.
  • These digital marketing agencies can be full-service or consulting-service agencies.
  • They offer social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, web development, content marketing, paid advertising, and direct mail.
  • Hiring the best real estate marketing service means determining your needs, preparing a budget, conducting thorough research, and asking the right questions.
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What are real estate marketing services, and what do they do?

Real estate marketing services include individuals or agencies that provide real estate marketing. These marketers help promote real estate businesses, brokerages, realtors, and other services.

Television marketing, print advertising, or digital marketing agencies can offer real estate marketing services. Digital marketing agencies, in particular, specialize in e-commerce and online marketing. These marketing services can help your real estate business develop branding, create more referrals, and increase visibility across multiple digital platforms.

These marketing agencies have extensive knowledge of engaging, attracting, and converting potential clients. They have tools, practices, and solutions catering to your marketing needs. They include high-quality lead generation, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Since most clients search for real estate agents and property listings online, hiring a digital marketing service is significant for your real estate website. Digital marketing agencies can provide high-quality marketing campaigns that boost your traffic, online presence, and qualified leads.

The Importance of Real Estate Marketing Services

Real estate marketing services enable marketing automation and exploration to maximize engagement and profits. They also provide more opportunities to expand your reach without sacrificing your time for daily operations. 

Here are the other reasons these marketing experts are essential to your real estate business:

Real estate expertise and industry knowledge

Changes are inevitable in the real estate industry. Whether about property valuations or real estate trends, you must learn how these factors affect your existing and potential clients' purchasing decisions.

As the real estate market faces rapid changes, many huge investments are at stake. If you don't understand the value of these investments, your marketing tactics may be at risk. This is how marketing agencies can help you understand and navigate these changes for better investments.

Helping you navigate the changes in the real estate market means understanding stakeholder demands and your company's service culture. A marketing agency is committed to learning about your process to determine potential challenges and opportunities. 

As such, their expertise and industry knowledge can help you solve problems and leverage your marketing strengths. Consequently, they can help you develop the best practices and prepare for demand influxes.

Multi-platform marketing

Many clients engage with multiple channels in one sitting. They could be browsing their smartphones while watching TV or reading magazines. While using many platforms simultaneously, they may encounter one or more real estate content.

For this reason, real estate marketing agencies have services that cover different platforms.

The multi-platform service includes search engines, social media, print advertising, paid ads, and email marketing. It allows interactions with your target audience at different touch points where they go live and see various types of content. It also enables you to facilitate valuable interactions that convert leads into clients.

Although multi-platform marketing is diversified, marketing agencies take time to evaluate, plan, and create marketing campaigns for various channels. They ensure the right mix and consistency that will successfully engage potential clients.

Quality lead generation

Potential clients have different motivations when joining open houses and buying properties. Some may be ready to purchase, while others only browse potential options. This is how lead generation focuses on attracting them by nurturing their interest. Whatever the purpose, a real estate marketing team can help ensure you convert these prospects.

Lead generation involves developing unique marketing tactics to warm up prospects' interest and convert them into clients. When you work with a marketing agency specializing in lead generation, they will assist in content organization, CTA development, referrals, and digital marketing. They may also combine referrals and digital marketing.

With quality lead generation, you can create targeted marketing campaigns that understand your target audience. Moreover, it can save time and resources and provide better chances of acquiring more potential clients.

Expands your visibility

Whether online or not, visibility is significant for your real estate business. Visibility builds brand awareness and fosters potential clients' familiarity with your brand. It expands your exposure to a larger audience and helps establish credibility, expertise, and reliability.

Increased visibility also enables you to reach more clients. It lets you connect with opportunities you likely wouldn't have without significant brand awareness and exposure. Real estate marketing services can expand your visibility through high-quality content creation for organic promotions.

Examples include guest posts, blogs, case studies, videos, social media posts, user-generated content, and testimonials.

Visibility can also promote transparency. Transparency allows potential clients to access significant data on your website or social media while researching. This way, they'll learn more about your selling process, from open houses and pricing to closing.

Better marketing management systems

Nowadays, businesses usually manage massive amounts of materials and data. Due to this, many technological advancements have been made to handle these systems. These technologies are used for marketing automation.

Since real estate marketing is complex, marketing automation can be confusing when you aren't familiar with marketing solutions and tools. Managing your real estate marketing process in this situation can be difficult. Conversely, this is how marketing agencies provide marketing automation services for better system management.

A real estate marketing service can create well-suited marketing campaigns using the right tools and solutions. They ensure every campaign is implemented efficiently to drive more traffic and leads. When something isn't working, they'll provide immediate solutions to get your campaigns back on track.

Furthermore, having a partner agency can reduce the time spent on manual marketing tasks, which will help you focus better on daily operations.

Improves customer relationship management (CRM)

Real estate is a people-centered business, making customer relationship management (CRM) highly significant in your company's marketing. CRM refers to strategies and practices that manage, analyze, and enhance client experience and relationships.

CRM comprises direct interactions and client preference analyses. A marketing service can improve your real estate agency's CRM by implementing solutions that track campaigns, record transactions, and identify your target audience's behaviors and preferences.

Additionally, real estate marketing services can provide sales, service, collaborative, and small business CRM solutions.

  • Sales CRM involves lead, transaction, and closing tracking for sales management
  • Service CRM focuses on improving customer support by developing responsive chat integrations on various platforms
  • Collaborative CRM provides seamless customer data access for team efficiency, communication, and real-time updates
  • Small Business CRM is ideal for small businesses with fewer clients to attract and manage

As marketing agencies work to improve your CRM, you may see improvements in client satisfaction. Their data-based strategies aim to provide consistent client relationships and experiences by emphasizing personalization. With personalization, your real estate agency can build more authentic connections.

Optimal online reputation management (ORM)

Reputation is essential for your real estate agency because it influences client perceptions and first impressions. When potential clients search for open houses, property listings, or real estate agencies, they read reviews and testimonials that affect your reputation.

Your reputation can also determine your credibility, trustworthiness, reliability, and transparency. Potential clients may assume you have a negative reputation if you have unfavorable reviews. 

While you may choose to ignore unpleasant reviews, you can’t overlook ones with constructive criticism. Hence, a real estate marketing agency can deliver optimal online reputation management (ORM) for your business.

Optimal ORM involves engaging with reviews. Whether positive or negative, you must create responses fitting for each review.

When your service receives low ratings and negative reviews, your partner marketing agency will help you write a professional response. For instance, your response should say you apologize for the inconvenience and will work hard to improve your services.

Moreover, through your digital marketing service provider, you can create and set up automated thank-you messages for positive reviews. This way, your clients can feel like they're not just your company's money-makers but also valuable assets that deserve the best treatment.

Innovative Approaches Provided by Real Estate Marketing Services

Real estate marketing agencies come in two service formats: full-service and consulting. Full-service marketing agencies provide complete services to implement and execute your marketing needs. Conversely, consulting marketing agencies focus on analytics, strategies, and auditing.

Whichever service format it is, each marketing agency has specialized areas. Some have focused approaches, while others have multiple services.

Let's look at the type of services these digital marketing agencies offer.

Personalized and unique content marketing

Your real estate website's content is what potential clients mainly search for. Your bounce rates may increase if they can't find the necessary information to answer their questions. Similarly, if they can't find valuable and actionable content, they won't be able to connect and engage with your business.

Website content includes infographics, videos, podcasts, guides, articles, and embedded social media posts. These content forms showcase your expertise, work, and services, which will help draw prospects to become your clients. If they're not informative and engaging enough, you'll need to focus on developing personalized and unique content marketing.

While you can establish your content marketing approach, it can be difficult, especially when your marketing team has to juggle other responsibilities. Therefore, a marketing agency's assistance comes in handy.

Real estate marketing services can create personalized content strategies through high-quality content creation for your social media, blogs, landing pages, podcasts, infographics, and videos. Their personalized content marketing can create unique brand messages targeted at your potential clients.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Many real estate marketing services specialize in search engine optimization (SEO). Some include this approach in their packages.

SEO is the process of optimizing websites to increase search rankings on Google or Bing. SEO concentrates on real estate keyword research, link-building, content creation, and targeted marketing for your website. It also covers local SEO, an approach to enhancing your real estate website for local search queries if your firm is location-based.

Outsourcing your SEO efforts allows easy access to experts with advanced marketing solutions and tools. A real estate SEO agency can also provide fresh marketing perspectives, which will be time-saving and cost-efficient for your operations and finances.

Some best SEO practices a real estate marketing service can provide are high-quality backlink acquisition, building your listing on directories, and optimizing page speed.

Web development

Real estate business owners like you can't just establish websites and call it a day. Many things are considered in the web development process. You must ensure that every step and element of your website design is user-friendly and responsive.

Web development involves building aesthetics, usability, speed, and mobile-friendliness for a better user experience. Internet data exchange (IDX) for property listings is also part of this process.

IDX integrates policies and standards for displaying property listings and real estate website information. It is a plug-in that connects your site to the multiple listing service (MLS) framework.

Real estate professionals believe IDX enables clients to search for active listings. It can also protect private information by letting clients choose which real estate agent to share it with. Generally, IDX allows access to all real estate website listings rather than using third-party listing services.

A real estate marketing service can provide these web development services to ensure your site is functional and valuable for potential clients.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an approach that uses emails to promote businesses and offers. This strategy aims to connect and communicate with your existing and potential clients.

Emails are among the best marketing tools for personalization. Rather than waiting for potential buyers or sellers, emails can nurture their interest until they're ready. When they finally need a realtor, your real estate agency will be the first to come to mind.

A real estate marketing service can create direct emails that enhance lead generation and brand awareness. They will automate the sending process by setting up different schedules. This automation enables more control over how your content is seen.

For instance, algorithms can affect your content visibility in social media or search engines. The algorithms are often based on user preferences, so potential clients may not see your content. But with emails, you'll send them in specific time frames. Therefore, subscribers can see your listings, promos, or new offers when they open your message.

Moreover, real estate marketing services optimize templates, design, size, and content for various email types. They include welcomes, newsletters, confirmations, promotions, invitations, surveys, and seasonal marketing emails.

Social media marketing

Many potential clients use social media to search for real estate agencies, realtors, brokerages, open houses, and property listings. Social media platforms are ideal for digital marketing and building client relationships.

Social media marketing (SMM) uses social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok to promote products and services. This marketing tactic aims to create authentic connections and interactions. It also analyzes consumer behavior to create content that resonates with users.

Marketing agencies can craft SMM strategies that enable potential clients to see your business where it's most convenient—their social media feeds. For example, when they search for real estate content, their algorithms have better chances of showing your content on their social media feeds.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising is another service real estate marketing agencies can offer. It is commonly known as pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

PPC involves paid ads where you pay publishers each time users click your ads. They will show at the top of search results, social media feeds, and websites. They will carry a "Sponsored" or "Ad” tag.

A real estate PPC agency can provide high-quality content marketing and save time on PPC ad creation. They provide access to targeted keywords through extensive research regarding search volumes, competition, and relevancy.

Furthermore, they can deliver detailed metrics significant to your campaign progress to boost your return on investment (ROI).

Direct mail

Direct mail is a marketing approach that sends physical promotional materials through postal or courier services. It involves sending different mail types, such as:

  • Flyers
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Greeting cards
  • Coupon envelopes
  • Packages

Real estate marketing services can assist your direct mail marketing by crafting messages that resonate with your mailing list. 

How To Hire the Best Real Estate Marketing Service

Real estate marketing services aren't similar. Each marketing agency has its own specialized area, whether full or consulting. Finding the best service can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Nonetheless, the process won't be stressful when you know what to look for.

The tips below can help you hire the best real estate marketing service for your marketing needs.

Determine your needs

The first step is to determine your marketing needs. Since marketing agencies have different specialties, you must know what assistance you need. Identify whether you require marketing experts for a specific service or a combination of two or more approaches. That way, your goals are defined and set for budget preparation.

Consider marketing services like how clients consider their property options. Think twice about their plans, packages, and offers before confirming. A prominent and well-known agency doesn't mean they'll have the services you require. Remember that your marketing needs are always a priority.

Prepare a budget

Hiring a real estate marketing agency is an investment. Although some services are free, others come with a price. You must prepare a budget after determining your marketing needs.

This budget will help you spend based on a price range, which will not affect the necessary costs for daily operations and other investments. It serves as a guide for anticipating various marketing service costs, so you will spend your business funds wisely.

Conduct thorough research

Once your budget is set, conduct thorough research. You should take time with this step to avoid overlooking significant details.

While researching, you must examine the marketing agencies' pricing, client reviews, case studies, experience, real estate expertise, testimonials, and services. Reviewing these aspects helps you know how a particular agency will work with you.

Reviews are written accounts by previous clients regarding their experience and satisfaction with an agency. Case studies are research materials detailing how agencies helped their clients grow their real estate businesses. Testimonials are positive opinions expressed by loyal clients.

Additionally, pricing comes in different tiers based on package inclusions. Higher prices don't mean they're worth spending on, and lower prices don't mean they won't be valuable.

Remember to double-check these aspects because some may be deceptive. This is to avoid losing money and wasting a significant investment. Then, scale down your options to a list of your top five or 10 agencies.

Ask the right questions

Start contacting each agency after narrowing down your options. Ask about their services and offers to confirm the details on their websites or social media. Ensure they answer every question transparently. Request demos to see if their platforms and services fit your needs when possible.

Here are the following questions you should ask:

  • What specific services do you offer?
  • Are you looking to try new marketing efforts, initiatives, and approaches?
  • How much do your services cost?
  • Where have you seen the highest and lowest revenue?
  • What approaches do clients most or least engage with?
  • What are your available resources? Do you still need more?
  • How have your marketing plans changed over the years?
  • How will your services align with our marketing needs?
Did you know?

Creating listings on online real estate directories can benefit your local real estate marketing. These directories will verify your business and rank your listings based on their requirements. Most real estate businesses use Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business).

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Real estate marketing service providers are experts that can benefit your real estate business in the long run. These marketing teams use advanced tools and solutions to execute the best real estate marketing practices. They aim to expand your visibility, increase client acquisition, and develop optimal client services.

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FAQS on Real Estate Marketing Services

Are there real estate marketing services affordable for small businesses?

Yes, many real estate marketing services are affordable for small businesses. Some agencies offer free trials and services. Others offer plans with low price points for small real estate firms. Marketing services designed solely for small businesses are also available.

How significant is outbound marketing in the real estate business?

Outbound marketing, like personalized handwritten greeting cards, direct mail, and print ads, remains significant in real estate marketing. They serve targeted purposes that can grab your niche audience's attention and interest, which digital marketing may not achieve.

What are the benefits of a single-property website?

Single-property websites provide virtual tours, videos, and images of a single property. They also contain contact information for potential buyers. 

While the MLS framework enables multiple listings on one site, single-property allows you to create a focused landing page for your listing. You'll also provide direct access to necessary documents so buyers can review essential information before submitting offers.

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