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From Pen to Print: Handwritten Greeting Cards vs. Real Estate Postcards in the Digital Age

August 18, 2023

Navigating the dynamic real estate industry can be complex. Real estate agents must always come up with different ideas for attracting and retaining clients. Sixty percent of realtors actively search for leads daily. That's why visibility is critical. 

Many homeowners are interested in staying informed about the current market value of their homes. They want to stay in the know even if they don't have plans to sell yet. When you're in their consciousness, they will turn to you when they eventually decide to sell. How do you do this? The answer: handwritten real estate greeting cards.

It's common for realtors to send out real estate postcards. It's so common that homeowners hardly take a look at them. They go straight to the trash. When crafting a real estate farming strategy, it's best to focus efforts on a specific neighborhood for lead generation. 

Handwritten greeting cards are a powerful tool to use for this. The aim is to establish a strong presence in potential clients' minds by consistently delivering value and attention over time. There are two types of real estate farming: demographic and geographic.

Demographic farming targets a specific group based on their characteristics and preferences. This approach allows for personalized and targeted messaging. Geographic farming, on the other hand, focuses on a particular neighborhood or area, becoming that community's go-to real estate agent.

Consistency is critical in real estate farming. Agents must consistently build brand awareness and establish themselves as trusted professionals in their chosen area. How? Through handwritten real estate cards.

Key Takeaways

  • Greeting cards have high visibility and impact, capturing attention with concise messages and visually appealing designs.
  • Personalization and targeting are essential when choosing greeting card templates, allowing customization based on recipient demographics or preferences.
  • Well-crafted greeting cards with compelling offers or incentives can increase response rates and immediate action.
  • When using handwritten real estate cards, aim to build brand awareness by repeatedly exposing prospects to your face or logo.
  • Remember, the goal is to craft compelling greeting cards that engage your prospects and generate leads effectively.
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Why Handwritten Greeting Cards Are Better for Lead Generation Than Real Estate Postcards

Most real estate professionals use digital marketing strategies for lead generation. They often post on their social media accounts to attract buyers and sellers. While these help them widen their reach, they are best complemented by a more traditional approach. Here's why you should craft handwritten real estate cards for engagement. 

Unforgettable tangible marketing tool

In a world inundated with digital advertisements and online content, receiving a physical card stands out and captures attention. Many people receive numerous emails, social media notifications, and online ads daily, leading to digital fatigue. The novelty of receiving a card amidst the digital clutter can create a sense of surprise and intrigue. Recipients are more likely to focus on the message.

Handwritten cards have a physical presence that can make a lasting impression on recipients. Since cards are tangible items, they can be displayed, pinned on a bulletin board, or kept on a desk. It can be a reminder of the brand, message, or offer. This visibility increases the chances of the card being seen repeatedly, reinforcing the marketing message and keeping the brand in mind. It's likewise critical for building that emotional connection with your prospects

More cost-effective branding strategy 

One of the advantages of handwritten real estate cards is the ability to target specific audiences or geographic areas. This targeting helps you focus your marketing efforts on potential prospects who are more likely to be interested in your services. By narrowing your target audience, you can effectively allocate your marketing budget and maximize the impact of your branding efforts.

Handwritten greeting cards are relatively less expensive to print than other marketing materials like brochures or catalogs. Pricing can be further reduced by leveraging bulk printing services or opting for cost-effective printing options. You can send handwritten cards via standard mail, which is often more affordable than other Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign options. 

The beauty of handwritten greeting cards is that you can include your business cards when you send them out through mailing services. 

Better personalization and targeting

Handwritten real estate cards offer the advantage of delivering targeted messages based on recipient demographics or preferences. Segmenting your target audience and tailoring the message can make your greeting cards more relevant and appealing to specific groups. 

For example, if you're targeting first-time homebuyers, you can create cards highlighting starter home options and tips for new buyers. This targeted messaging increases the chances of capturing the recipients' interest and motivating them to take action.

They can be customized by including the recipient's name, adding a personal touch to the communication. Sending out handwritten cards creates a sense of attention to detail and shows that you value the recipient as an individual. Including relevant information such as their property address or specific interests can further enhance the personalization. 

Recent research indicates that shoppers hold a decisive stance on personalization. A substantial 72 percent of respondents want businesses to acknowledge them as unique individuals and be aware of their preferences. When asked to define personalization, consumers associated it with good encounters that made them feel valued and distinguished. Brands that go beyond mere transactions and demonstrate a genuine commitment to building relationships receive positive consumer responses.

Personalized promotions like handwritten real estate cards can generate higher engagement and response rates than generic communications. When recipients see their name or personalized information on a greeting card, it grabs their attention and establishes a connection.

Higher visibility and impact

Handwritten real estate greeting cards increase realtors' visibility within their target market and community. Realtors can ensure their brand and message reach a broad audience by consistently sending these cards to residents in specific neighborhoods or areas of interest. This visibility is essential for staying top-of-mind among potential clients and establishing a solid presence in the local market.

These cards help realtors expand and maintain their sphere of influence. It's easier to nurture relationships and strengthen connections by sending them to individuals in their network who expressed an interest in their services. This approach ensures that realtors remain on the radar of potential clients and increases the likelihood of generating leads through referrals.

A study found that 38 percent of homebuyers would use an agent recommended by someone they know. 

Regularly appearing in mailboxes, realtors become a familiar presence in the community. Over time, this familiarity breeds trust and credibility, making it more likely for prospective clients to consider the realtor's services when they are ready to buy or sell a property. 

Factors To Consider When Crafting Handwritten Real Estate Greeting Cards

When choosing real estate postcard templates, you should consider several factors. Here are some of them. 

Design and layout

To make an impact, opt for visually appealing designs that immediately grab the recipient's attention. Your real estate greeting card design should feature a well-organized format. Present information and images in a way that's easier for the reader to comprehend your message. Veer away from the usual real estate postcard designs that you see. Your handwritten greeting card should exude your brand's personality. 

Visual appeal and branding

Choose card templates that reflect your brand's identity and messaging. Consistently incorporate your logo, color scheme, and typography to reinforce brand recognition. Utilize high-quality images and graphics to enhance the visual appeal and professionalism of the postcard. Keep in mind that 94 percent of first impressions relate to design. 

Moreover, the design should align with your brand's aesthetics and style, reinforcing your brand identity.

Call-to-action elements

Include clear and compelling calls to action (CTA) on the postcard to prompt recipients to take the desired action, such as calling you or visiting a website. Use persuasive language and design techniques to make the CTA stand out. Consider incorporating digital CTAs, like QR codes, to direct recipients to a specific landing page or online resources for added interactivity and convenience.

Customization options

Look for greeting card templates that allow customization, enabling you to adjust the content to your specific needs. Create the template with your branding elements, such as logos and taglines, and ensure flexibility to accommodate different messaging or property details. This customization adds a personal touch and helps establish a stronger connection with recipients.

Size and format

Consider the appropriate size and configuration for your postcards. Choose a size that complies with standard mailing regulations while standing out in mailboxes.

Remember, size and form will impact printing and distribution costs. Check out the pricing to ensure they align with your budget and marketing campaign goals. Select handwritten greeting card templates that represent your brand, capture attention, and drive meaningful engagement with your target audience.

Top Handwritten Real Estate Greeting Card Templates for Lead Generation

Here are some greeting card types that can effectively engage prospects and drive lead generation.

“Just Sold” greeting cards

Like just sold postcards, real estate professionals can use greeting cards as a powerful marketing tool to elevate their expertise and build trust with potential clients. These greeting cards showcase recently sold properties and highlight key details such as the sale price, location, and unique selling points. Realtors can establish credibility and show their track record of achieving desirable client outcomes.

They visually represent the realtor's capabilities and provide tangible evidence of their ability to navigate the real estate market effectively. When recipients see the details of recently sold properties, they gain confidence in the realtor's knowledge and experience. This transparency in sharing successful transactions helps establish trust and positions the realtor as a reliable and accomplished professional.

“Just Listed” greeting cards

Create excitement and generate interest in newly listed properties through eye-catching greeting cards. You can convert just listed postcards to handwritten greeting cards by showcasing freshly listed properties. It promotes a sense of anticipation and curiosity among recipients. 

“Just Listed” cards serve as a powerful initial introduction to a property, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging recipients to take action. These handwritten cards can attract interested parties to inquire for more information, schedule a viewing, or share the new listing with their network. The goal is to generate interest so recipients feel compelled to explore the listing further and become serious buyers or investors.

The visual aspect of “Just Listed” greeting cards is crucial in attracting recipients' attention. Feature high-quality images to highlight the property's unique selling points. Real estate professionals can create an immediate visual impact that piques curiosity and stimulates interest. 

In addition to compelling visuals, the information on these greeting cards should be concise and persuasive. Including key details like the price, notable features, and location gives recipients an overview of what the property offers. 

It's essential to use persuasive language to spark excitement and convey the value and desirability of the property. Craft engaging descriptions highlighting the property's unique characteristics and emphasizing its benefits to potential buyers or investors.

“Open House” greeting cards

“Open House” greeting cards are invaluable for real estate professionals to drive attendance and create buzz around upcoming open house events. Provide them with essential information to ensure they mark their calendars and visit the property in person. Highlight the event's date, time, and location so recipients can plan their visit and generate a strong turnout.

Like open house postcards, handwritten greeting cards create a sense of anticipation and generate excitement with a creative twist. They should convey the property's benefits and unique selling points, such as location, amenities, or recent renovations.

Market update greeting cards

Position yourself as a knowledgeable resource by sharing market insights and trends through informative handwritten real estate cards. These cards provide recipients with insightful information about the real estate market. Details include real estate trends, home prices, sales activity, and market predictions.

Market update cards also offer an opportunity to engage recipients and spark their interest in real estate-related topics. By providing valuable insights and analysis, you demonstrate your expertise and give the recipients data to help them make informed decisions. 

This proactive approach to sharing market updates informs recipients and positions you as a real estate professional invested in their success.

Recipe greeting cards

The inclusion of a favorite recipe on greeting cards serves multiple purposes. First, it adds a personal touch to your marketing efforts. Sharing a recipe that you enjoy creates a sense of authenticity and allows potential clients to see a glimpse of your personality. It humanizes your brand and helps build connections based on shared interests, such as cooking or food.

Recipe postcards can be quickly forgotten, but when you convert them into a handwritten greeting card, recipients will feel like the recipe is just for them. 

Furthermore, recipe cards tap into the emotional aspect of marketing. Food has a way of invoking positive emotions and memories. A recipe that recipients can try at home creates an opportunity for them to associate your brand with a pleasant experience. Whenever they use the recipe, they will be reminded of your brand and the positive feelings associated with it.

The unconventional nature of recipes enclosed in greeting cards can also help you stand out in a saturated market. Other real estate professionals may focus solely on property listings and market updates. Incorporating recipes into your marketing strategy allows you to capture the attention of potential clients. It showcases your creativity and willingness to go beyond traditional methods. It demonstrates that you are willing to think outside the box to create a lasting impression.

Realtor introduction greeting cards

Introduce yourself as a real estate professional in your target area through personalized greeting cards. Share your expertise, qualifications, and a warm message to connect personally with recipients. They are particularly valuable when announcing a new realtor joining your realty, showcasing the expansion of your capabilities. Like realtor postcards, remember to include contact information, like phone number and email address. 

Highlight any specializations or unique qualities that set you apart from realtors in the neighborhood. Build trust and credibility by giving recipients confidence in your abilities to meet their real estate needs.

Strike a balance between professionalism and approachability. Share a bit about your values, work ethic, or commitment to exceptional customer service. This messaging humanizes your brand and creates a sense of connection and rapport with recipients.

Utilize realtor introduction greeting cards to create meaningful connections and lay the foundation for successful real estate relationships.

How To Effectively Use Handwritten Real Estate Cards for Lead Generation

Here are some valuable tips for leveraging real estate postcards for lead generation. 

Know your target audience

Research and understand your prospects' demographics, preferences, pain points, and desires in the real estate market. Focus on a specific demographic area, such as first-time homebuyers, golfers, or empty nesters. Utilizing AI technologies to identify audiences most likely to sell allows for targeted and personalized marketing efforts.

Develop a clear and compelling message

Define the primary objective of your greeting card, whether it's promoting a listing, generating new leads, or announcing an open house. Craft a concise and impactful headline that grabs attention and compels recipients to take action. Use persuasive language and storytelling techniques to share your message and align with your prospects effectively.

Use high-quality visuals

Include attractive images of properties, neighborhoods, or amenities to captivate recipients. Ensure that the images are clear, well-lit, and visually appealing.

Hire a professional to craft an engaging handwritten greeting card that leaves a positive first impression on recipients. 

Highlight unique selling points

Showcase the features and benefits of the property or your real estate services. Emphasize what sets you apart from competitors and build credibility through testimonials or success stories.

Highlighting unique selling points helps create a compelling reason for prospects to choose your services. For example, you can include details that will make your prospect choose your listing over those For Sale By Owners (FSBO). 

Provide valuable information

Include relevant data about the property, such as price, location, and key details. Offer tips, insights, or market trends to benefit your prospects and position yourself as a knowledgeable resource. Include contact information and a clear call to action encouraging recipients to reach out or engage further.

One common error many real estate agents make is focusing solely on promoting individual properties rather than highlighting the surrounding neighborhood.

When individuals purchase properties, they also consider the neighborhood since it will be their long-term place of residence. Hence, when engaging with your target audience, pay attention to the importance of sharing comprehensive information about the community.

Personalize the greeting cards

Whenever possible, address recipients by name to create a personalized connection. Tailor the content to address their specific needs or preferences, demonstrating that you understand their individual requirements. Utilize variable data printing to add a personal touch, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Keep it concise and scannable

Ensure that your real estate greeting card is easy to read and understand. Use bullet points, subheadings, and short paragraphs to improve readability. Avoid clutter and make sure the essential information stands out. Use bold and strategic formatting to highlight important details, enabling recipients to grasp the essential information quickly.

Test and measure

Create variations of your handwritten real estate greeting cards and test them with your target audience. This lets you identify which elements resonate best and capture their attention. This could involve different visual layouts, compelling headlines, or persuasive messages.

During this process, track the response rates and effectiveness of each variation. Do this by monitoring the number of inquiries or conversions generated by each greeting card design. Collecting this data will provide valuable insights into what aspects of your greeting cards appeal to your audience.

Use the analysis to refine and optimize your future greeting card campaigns. Making data-driven decisions based on the insights obtained will enhance the impact and success of your postcard marketing efforts.

Follow up and nurture leads

Develop a systematic approach for tracking and following up with prospects who respond to your postcards. Implement strategies like email marketing or phone calls to engage further and convert leads into clients. Consistent follow-up and nurturing are essential for building relationships and maximizing the potential of your direct mail campaigns. 

By implementing these tips, you can leverage real estate greeting cards as an effective tool for lead generation, ultimately driving success in your real estate business. Complement your postcard insights with a thorough market analysis. 

Pro Tip: When using real estate greeting cards, consider incorporating a unique offer or incentive to motivate recipients to take action. Providing value can significantly increase response rates and engagement. Prominently feature the offer on the card and communicate its benefits. This strategy grabs attention and creates a sense of urgency.

Optimize Lead Generation With Handwritten Real Estate Greeting Cards

You can always go beyond a postcard campaign. Farming postcards have their own charm, but they still can't beat sending out something more personal. 

Handwritten real estate greeting cards provide a tangible and effective marketing tool for realtors to increase visibility, establish a strong presence, and generate leads within their target market. Consistent and targeted greeting card campaigns allow realtors to build trust, foster familiarity, and become the go-to professionals in their local community. 

So, if you're a realtor looking to make a lasting impact and stand out, consider the value of handwritten real estate greeting cards. Embrace the power of high visibility, solid connections, and tangible engagement to drive your real estate success. But you must have a strong client base before you can do this. Start by leveraging a real estate growth automation platform

Reach your target audience directly and stand out. Experience higher response rates and grow your client base. Start maximizing your marketing impact with Addressable Mail today!

FAQs on Real Estate Postcards vs. Greeting Cards

Are there any legal considerations when sending real estate greeting cards?

There are several legal considerations to remember when sending real estate greeting cards. Comply with laws and regulations to prevent potential legal issues. 

If you plan to include a contact number on your greeting cards and make telemarketing calls, you must comply with do-not-call regulations. Ensure that you adhere to any registration requirements and honor do-not-call requests.

To avoid unintentionally soliciting an active listing for sale, it is often necessary to include disclaimers in mailings and greeting cards. These disclaimers help ensure compliance and clarity regarding the communication's intent.

Know local regulations or guidelines specific to your area. Some jurisdictions may have additional requirements or restrictions on real estate marketing activities, including greeting card distribution.

How often should I send real estate greeting cards to generate leads effectively?

The frequency of sending real estate greeting cards to generate leads effectively can vary depending on various factors, including your target audience, market conditions, and available resources. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, you may start with a once-a-month distribution. Adjust accordingly, depending on the response rate. 

What's the average response rate for real estate greeting cards?

Farming greeting cards for realtors is an effective marketing tactic that yields impressive results. When combined with other reliable farming techniques, direct mail remains an effective way to ensure your brand is consistently in front of qualified prospects.

According to a report, the average real estate direct mail response rate is five percent. This indicates the high engagement and interest generated by handwritten real estate greeting cards.

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