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Real Estate Marketing Automation

August 21, 2023

Automation is becoming a crucial element in the advertising industry. This year, forecasters expect the global marketing automation revenue to reach $5.9 billion and to double by 2030. The numbers prove that modern marketers are more than ready to invest in new technologies that can automate their campaigns.

For real estate marketers, automation solutions can support lead management and the development of a robust online presence. This short guide outlines the benefits of automation for real estate agents and how these solutions are changing the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Marketing automation is the process of automating specific time-consuming and monotonous advertising processes.
  • For real estate marketers, automation solutions are changing how they organize leads and create new campaigns.
  • Real estate marketing automation tools can help marketers save time, reach relevant audiences, and establish a positive brand image online.
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Marketing Automation and Its Importance

Marketing automation uses software to perform marketing tasks and support advertising campaigns. Through automation, marketers can be free from repetitive tasks, giving them the time to focus on more complicated work.

Another crucial feature of automation tools is that they can customize unique experiences for people based on their preferences, behaviors, and purchase activity. This ability allows advertisers to create a personalized marketing message for their audiences, which can help boost customer trust.

Through marketing automation, marketing teams can identify potential customers. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools help streamline the process of nurturing new leads to sales readiness. They automate actions that bring potential buyers to the point where sales teams can contact them and close a sale. 

Marketing automation tools enable these situations by significantly improving the efficiency of an organization's sales funnel. Using the tools, salespeople can turn a broad base of leads into paying customers.

For example, brand awareness can be crucial early in the lead-nurturing process. Marketers can use marketing automation solutions to develop valuable content that encourages trust and respect for their brand. The solution can help leads understand what they’re getting from the company.

After discovering the types of products customers want to buy, advertisers can use automation tools to send tailored messages. In the case of real estate marketing, for instance, marketers can utilize automation tools to identify homeowners likely to sell and deploy personalized letters tailored towards these homeowners.

These are only some everyday use cases for marketing automation solutions today. Read on to discover how these solutions are changing marketing in the real estate industry.

How Automation Is Changing Real Estate Marketing

The advancements in automation solutions changed how real estate marketers do their work. This section outlines these changes and provides examples of how you can implement these tools in your own organization.

Audience segmentation

Audience segmentation is the process of categorizing your entire audience into groups that have something in common. You can group your audience by the following:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Behavior

Agents use a customer relationship management solution (CRM) which automatically tags potential buyers into a category. This way, they get ad communications relevant to their status.

Marketers can automate the dissemination of newsletters containing information that can encourage recipients to invest in a property. Automation solutions allow real estate businesses to get ahead of the client and follow up on leads.

Lead nurturing

After developing a real estate farming strategy, you must monitor the leads. When they land on your lead generation site, you must secure their personal information immediately. You should also have a way to get their phone number to send an SMS or a phone call for follow-ups.

After getting their contact information, you can use an automation tool to send introductory emails to potential clients. This way, you start the client/agent connection sooner rather than later.

When drafting an email, include the agent’s contact information, logo, and other relevant business. Do not forget to add an engaging call-to-action (CTA).

Remember that the prospect must remain in an automated nurture campaign until a real estate agent is ready to close a sale with them. Prospects can be prequalified buyers actively looking for agents to help them purchase a new home with a down payment ready to go.

Email marketing

To date, email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of lead generation. With an automated real estate marketing solution, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Create scheduled emails for clients
  • Update mailing lists based on lead segments
  • Send customized email notifications to leads 

Today, real estate lead-generation marketing tools automatically send personalized text messages, voicemails, and email campaigns. With these integrations, marketers do not have to spend time drafting emails for individual prospects.

Schedule appointments

Real estate automation software can automate the user’s appointment scheduling. This way, agents do not have to worry about being on call around the clock. They can sync their calendar using an automation tool to schedule meetings with clients, buyers, and sellers.

This advantage allows users to focus on other things like closing leads and communications on relationship building.

The Benefits of Real Estate Marketing Automation

Real estate marketers need to have an effective strategy if they want to keep up with their competitors. And if you’re going to get ahead, you must have a solid online presence. Recent data shows that 41 percent of homebuyers go online to look for properties. 

Real estate marketers can use automation solutions to build a positive brand image online. This advantage is only one of the countless benefits of automation for real estate advertisers. Read on to learn how these tools are helping modern marketers.

Provides measurable results

Manually tracking massive amounts of data is nearly impossible, even for the best realtors. With marketing automation software, markets can track their budget and monitor their advertising campaigns.

If you can accurately monitor and track your campaigns, it is easy to get measurable data to inform future marketing efforts. The following are specific situations where automation tools can provide quantifiable results:

  • Marketing automation tools enable agents to track engagement metrics, such as click-through rates, email open rates, and website visitor behavior. This information allows agents to analyze the performance of their content and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Real estate agents can use automation tools to generate leads and monitor the number of new leads. This advantage helps agents gauge the performance of their marketing campaigns and get data that inform decision-making processes.
  • Automation solutions can help realtors track lead progress through the sales funnel. This strategy lets them know which marketing campaigns are performing well and which need improvement.

Saves time

The real estate industry is massive, with the market’s worldwide revenue valued at $9.5 billion in 2021. If real estate firms want to get ahead of the competition, they cannot afford to waste valuable time.

Fortunately, marketing automation tools can save you time by automating particular tasks and letting you focus on closing sales.

The following are common areas where marketers can save time by implementing real estate automation:

  • Marketers can use automated systems to support email campaigns and create responsive, personalized websites. These systems can automate lead management without requiring users to spend time talking to potential leads early on in the process.
  • Real estate advertisers can use email marketing automation tools to send emails to prospects faster. This way, they ensure all clients get the information they need without the users overseeing the communication process.
  • Automated CRM software can speed up the process of nurturing leads. These solutions can organize sensitive data while enabling easy transmission of follow-up emails based on their interests.

Supports social media campaigns

Many young people today spend their time on their phones, going through different social media platforms. However, social media users today are not only checking on their friends. They now use the sites to find solutions to their pain points. Social media can be an effective source of testimonies from past clients, which is why people use them when looking for a product or service.

For real estate marketers, this change means they must maintain an active presence online. Uploading updated property images with pricing, ensuring fast responses to queries, and posting event information can help build a social media presence. 

To help in this effort, you can use social media automation tools. These solutions can upload content for you and have chatbot features that respond to queries in real time.

Reaches the relevant audience

Sending out the proper advertising communication to prospects is crucial for real estate marketers. With effective automation software, users can send personalized messages to leads. This way, they can be confident that their prospects are getting the right message at the perfect time. 

Tools like web forms allow marketers to bring the prospect information directly into their real estate CRM. These tools enable users to collect leads directly from their website or by emailing the link to the web form.

Web forms enable marketers to create a targeted contact list using tags when performing multiple campaigns. 

Automation tools can also help real estate marketers reach new audiences through live chat. These tools can be a simple way to collect and get leads into your system. 

Some solutions allow users to create unique automation for their targeted pages so they can present specific messages for each landing page. 

Real Estate Marketing Automation Strategies

Marketing automation tools can help advertising teams generate more quality leads when implemented correctly. These solutions allow users to streamline their marketing efforts and move leads through the marketing funnel. 

This section outlines how marketing automation tools can promote higher lead conversions. These simple strategies can be valuable to your marketing campaign, especially if you are new to implementing automated workflows.

Boost engagement on social media platforms

Establishing a social media presence is paramount to any real estate marketing strategy. You can quickly boost engagement with your audience by being active on social media platforms. 

Social media platforms offer many opportunities for real estate agents and brokers to boost brand awareness. They can use their accounts to showcase their listings and talk to potential leads.

Real estate agents can use high-quality property images, videos, stories, and other media that get the attention of potential leads. They can also run contests and giveaways to increase engagement and grow their following.

Marketers who want to double their social media marketing efforts can use automation solutions to make scheduled posts. This way, even if they are busy, they have a tool to upload new social media posts to their profile.

The direct messaging feature also poses opportunities to connect with potential clients. Using a chatbot, agents can be confident that they have a way to respond to initial queries. This approach creates a connection between the agent and the customer, which can lead to improved customer experience.

Through direct messaging, agents can have genuine discussions with leads, listen to feedback, and build trust.

Use autoresponders

Some automation solutions offer autoresponders or codes that automatically send an email based on a specified trigger. The triggers can be any action from visitors on your real estate website or interaction with emails.

The following are situations when you can use an autoresponder:

  • Writing welcome emails whenever a new prospect signs up
  • Set reminders about open houses
  • Ask for referrals and feedback
  • Send birthday cards to clients
  • Drafting customer support tickets when they experience issues
  • Reach out to inactive leads to re-engage them

Develop customer profiles

Having crucial data about your leads accessible on one platform can significantly benefit marketers. 

Using a real estate AI solution, you can create an accurate buyer persona or a fictional representation of a lead. This representation includes a range of pertinent data about the buyer, including the following:

  • Geographic location
  • Social media engagements and other activities
  • Web browsing history
  • Job profile
  • Specific property preferences

Developing customer profiles can give you a comprehensive understanding of your lead's behavioral flow. This advantage lets you determine what homeowners are looking for and what type of communication generates a positive response.

With this wealth of data, marketers can design their outreach to each lead's unique needs, which boosts the likelihood of successful conversions. By thoroughly understanding your leads’ interests and preferences, you can give the correct type of message that will be memorable.

Marketing automation solutions empower agents with the data necessary to offer a personalized customer experience. Using this data to develop accurate buyer personas, they can understand what their leads want and create valuable connections.

Use progressive profiling

Progressive profiling is a research process that aims to get information from leads without overwhelming them with irrelevant data. Before the development of machine learning (ML) solutions, real estate marketers used generic forms or templates without considering a lead's specific interests. This mistake often results in increased bounce rates. 

Now that AI and ML solutions enable progressive profiling, marketers can ask the right questions to suitable leads. When gathering data, they can factor in the lead's browsing activities, property preferences, and interests, encouraging engagement.

By asking relevant questions, you increase the chances of a lead completing a form and providing crucial information. This data allows you to create a tailored marketing approach and offer real estate services that meet their requirements.

Try SMS campaigns

Following up with leads is paramount to creating long-lasting relationships in the real estate industry. However, talking to countless clients can be time-consuming and tiring, which makes the task daunting for many marketers.

Texting can be a simple solution to these challenges, as it offers a quick and effective way to send reminders and updates. Using automation solutions, the best real estate agents can take text messaging to the next level. They can use tools for bulk texting to specific client segments with just a few clicks. 

This strategy streamlines the communication process while freeing up time for advertisers to focus on other crucial aspects of their work. It can be attractive because it still delivers timely messages to clients without drawbacks.

You can automatically reply to queries through text messages if you have an autoresponder. This tactic helps boost the customer service experience by providing clients with immediate assistance and support. 

By using automation solutions, you ensure that your clients get highly personalized and efficient service. This advantage can contribute to higher chances of successful conversions and stronger relationships.

Pro-Tip: Adopting automation tools or new technologies can be challenging without a proper implementation plan. Managers must ensure that all marketing team members are on the same page when adopting the solution. This way, implementation can go smoothly.

Experience Stress-Free Real Estate Transactions With Addressable

Marketing automation has changed the real estate industry. The modern tools and solutions enable real estate professionals to reach a wider audience, streamline their marketing efforts, and boost conversion rates. 

Moreover, automation spans a wide range of applications, including social media management, lead generation, email campaigns, and website optimization. It helps save time and reduce costs while boosting efficiency. It allows agents to prioritize tasks and focus on their most valuable leads, which results in increased revenue.

If you want an effective automation solution for increased listings and improved client retention, check out Addressable today! Our advanced AI-based marketing services can give real estate agents the freedom to focus on what matters most: client relationships.

Finding the right homebuyer can be easier if you can automate monotonous tasks. Contact Addressable today and make real estate transactions easier through automation.

FAQs on Real Estate Marketing Automation

How does marketing play a role in real estate?

Marketing is crucial for real estate companies because it helps establish an online presence, get new clients, and create brand awareness. With an effective marketing strategy, people can learn how your solution addresses their unique customer problems.

Is real estate marketing automation easy to implement?

Remember that at its core, automation is all about ease of use. Adopting new technology within a team can be challenging, but implementation can be easy with careful planning. To help in this effort, design your automation strategy so you can control crucial processes in one place.

How to generate leads for real estate through digital marketing?

There are many ways to generate digital leads for a real estate brand. These include being active on social media, developing an effective public relations (PR) campaign, and trying email campaigns.

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